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Morag MacDougal [juin. 27e, 2006|11:29 am]
La Dauphine a Mieped.

Character Info

Name: Morag Aisling MacDougal
Date of Birth: 19th January 1980
Professor/Student/Hogwarts Alumni/OotP Member/Former DE: Student. First year in fact.
Sexual Orientation/Preference (if any and please explain why): Morag tries not to think about boys thanks. But she knows no other orientation.
Personality (be as detailed as possible):
Physical description (in great detail):
Background before Voldemort fell (if any):
Reaction to Voldemort's death (if applicable):
History in the 10 years of peace (will you need to work with another character on backstory?):
Noteworthy relationships (close friends, spouses, and major enemies):
Relevant Family (living or dead):
For Former Death Eaters: were you truly under any curses or did you act willingly? N/a
Only canon characters are accepted at this time. Where else can I find your character's name aside from this application? Philosopher's Stone
Actor/actress PB you wish to use (if not from the movies, please explain why): Asia Argento. Been using her for going on 3 years, can't change her. She is such a part of Morag.