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CBUS PEOPLE SPREAD IT! [mar. 4e, 2007|01:50 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.

(Sorry if it fucks with your shit people but it's important!)
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New Game [jan. 19e, 2007|12:21 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
[Tags|, ]
[i'm in |bed| santa barbara]

It's the summer before Harry's seventh and final year at Hogwarts and all is not well. Dumbledore is dead, the Ministry and the entire Wizarding World is scrambling to recover from the blow. The future of Hogwarts hangs in the balance; McGonagall fights to keep the school open while parents want to keep their families together when the threat of death is so close. The sight of the Dark Mark hanging in the sky is not an unfamiliar sight, curfews have been imposed, children no longer run carefree through the streets.

Voldemort's army continues to grow and his influence spreads. Students continue to recieve black edged owls. Innocents go missing or are found dead and people are not who they seem. Those supporting Voldemort hide their loyalties well. It could be the person who sat next to you in Potions for the past seven years, it could be the girl who smiled at you in the hall yesterday. It could even be your best friend...

Have you ever wanted to be in an rpg with not only friendly and talented mods and players, but also an extensive and driven plot that still allows room for character development and sub plots? Take a look at the_hallows.

Our goal is to literally write the next book. How are we going to do that? By role-playing it out of course! So why don't you give us a try? We're brand new so many characters are open, though we do have quite an array already, INCLUDING STAFF! Yes that's right! Slughorn, Pince, Pomfrey, Sprout and Firenze are all at your service with a McGonagall coming soon!

Useful Game Links:

NEEDED and WANTED CHARACTERS: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Any other Weasley, Any and All members of the DA, All Huffles, Michael Corner, Anthony Goldstein, Terry Boot, Su Li, Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, The rest of the Staff, MINISTRY WORKERS (they do seem to have such a large part in the books), Order Members, Death Eaters (We have a Lord Thingy for you!)

Provided we have enough players... game play begins the Thirtieth January!
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DO IT [nov. 15e, 2006|11:44 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
LE AINERéduire )

So the idea is, you post exactly what you think of me.
ANONYMOUSLY. Meaning, signing no name. Nothing.

If it's bad or good, it doesn't matter.
I'll never know who it is.

It can be poems, lyrics, a
link to a picture, a story, thoughts.
Singled words. Anything that
will help you get the message through.

♥ Thanks to those who take the time to do so.
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(pas de sujets) [oct. 9e, 2006|10:54 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]
[i'm in |Santa Barbara: Kitchen]
[i'm feeling |chipper]
[i'm hearing |"I'll see you somewhere in Dreamland"]

First off I have TWO cell phones now because I left one in another house like a tool. So make sure you have both numbers.



And now...

For my own useRéduire )

WOW that's a lot to do. Yes.

If I have time I need to start the fic I signed up to do. I have to do an angsy drama-filled Harry/Pansy.


I am doing well. Panic Attack due to Tarantula aside. I am in Santa Barbara alone until Thursday. Lili and Lainey are in San Diego and Owen's in Paso Robles.

I am to see Linnie within the next fortnight either here or in Los Angeles.

PLACEBO CONCERT is on the 24th so the 23rd-25th I will be in San Fransisco. YAY.

Lili wanted to know if I was going home for Xmas but I don't think I will. My birthday is December 30th and I will be 22 and I really think I should spend it in Puerto Rico with Linnie. We'll have a pirate party and do all sorts of fun things. And Lili will pay for the flight and I've never been to Puerto Rico.

I am going to take a French class this winter I think. I'm seriously thinking about taking an Aupair job in Paris in June. If only to be back in Europe and to hopefully speak ONE foreign language fluently. Not to mention Lili will help me loads.

Have I mentioned I love my boss? She bought me a TV, A Satelite box, and DSL for my room. And flashing Halloween lights. And after my last Target spree she came back a day later with matching Halloween shirts and the same pair of black flats (Linnie inspired)! And she bought Lainey a bunch of Halloween stuff after I got her an outfit the other day! I <3 my boss.

Owen's buying a small donkey to keep our Paint, Joe, happy. I get to name it. And Lili may buy another horse soon so I have one who doesn't try to kill me. Me+Joe+Barn=horse trying to break my legs.

So yeah, Aine's happy. I miss my friends though. And I need to do a Halloween layout as well.
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New Name [aoû. 28e, 2006|12:54 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
[i'm feeling |thoughtful]
[i'm hearing |hysteria| muse]

This is Aine. This journal has been renamed and is now royally_mieped. That is all.

ETA: More specific up there as we don't want Garth's head to 'splode.
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Check out these bitches yo [aoû. 21e, 2006|09:16 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
[i'm feeling |headache]
[i'm hearing |New Amsterdam| WMDs]


They fucking ROCK! I highly reccomend the song "New Amsterdam"
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Mods Needed [aoû. 21e, 2006|08:39 pm]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
For the following communities I've just made:

hp_rarepair which is going to be a fantasy/smut fest that runs 4 times a year (once each season) for rare pairs in the HP fandom (Example: Morag MacDougal/Urquhart or Nott/Moon)

best_of_hp_muns Which will be a quarterly comm to vote for the best of hp players each season.

Anyone interested?
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Frankly my dear... [aoû. 17e, 2006|01:56 am]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
[i'm in |Bed. Modoc. Trailer]
[i'm feeling |cheerful]
[i'm hearing |Gimmee Danger| Kurt Wild]

On a different one, I apparently hold an 85% facial similarity with Clark Gable.


Velvet Goldmine is LOVE. I miss it.

Gimmee Danger baby!

AND Leslie Caron... omg GIGI PWNS! I must make Gigi icons!
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HP MEME [aoû. 16e, 2006|12:42 am]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
[Tags|, , ]

This was seen and accioed from a lj mate over at hogwarts_home I think... anywho, I liked it, so here it is.

[] You've never done drugs
[] You have a lot of friends
[] You get along with everyone
[] You haven't made fun of someone for at least two months
[X] You love soccer
[] You love baseball
[x] You're into writing and art
[] Favorite music genre is pop rock
[] You believe in "innocent until proven guilty" theory
[] Abortion is wrong
[x] The war against Iraq is unneeded
[] One of your favorite colors is red or gold
[] Good grades at school
[x] One of the worst things you can do is lie
[] You plan on going to college


[X] You're content with mostly everything in your life right now.
[X] You laugh a lot
[] You like to follow trends.
[X] Politics suck.
[x] You love to swim
[] Water polo is awesome
[] Pink is one of your favorite colors
[] Black is morbid & depressing
[] Michael Jackson is talented as a musical artist.
[] You're an optimist.
[] You're completely straight-edge. (but i don't like the title)
[x] You're very emotional
[] Rap, R&B, & hip-hop is your favorite music genre
[] You don't believe in going steady at a young age
[X] You've made fun of at least one person this week.


[x] You're depressed to a certain extent.
[x] You love to read.
[x] You appreciate theatre & arts.
[x] Sports suck.
[] You're shy.
[] Bush is trying his hardest
[x] You've been in love or are now.
[x] Hate is completely unneeded.
[x] Loyalty is the MOST important thing in a relationship
[x] indie is your favorite genre of music.
[x] Every once in a while you have little anger outbursts.
[x] Lying is sometimes okay
[] Red is one of your favorite colors.
[] Serious is better than funny.


[x] There's at least one person you hate.
[] Basketball is a good sport.
[x] Football-as in soccer, yes- is amazing.
[x] Black is a cool color.
[x] You've lied about something serious.
[x] You're a very deep person.
[x] You have considered suicide.
[x] You are not very loyal.
[x] You like punk
[x] They make school seem more important than it is.
[x] You're scared to grow up.
[x] You've done drugs in the past month.
[x] Anger is one of your primary feelings.
[x] You have trust issues.
[x] Guilty until proven innocent.


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Morag MacDougal [juin. 27e, 2006|11:29 am]
La Dauphine a Mieped.
Unless you want to know about Morag, skip thisRéduire )
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