no baboons in mime

La Dauphine a Mieped.
30 December 1984

116, a perfect circle, aa of the rp-variety, accidental rpage, aero mint bars, afterlife, aine, amadeo, angela's ashes, are you being served?, asia argento, autumn days inside, bad religion, ballerina flats, bast, beans on toast, belle and sebastian, big fuck off beards, biting, blood and gold, bulmers, burning wood, camel lights, cashel, castles, celtic paganism, chocolate, coffee, cookery, county tipperary, coupling, covered in bees, cranberry lipgloss, csi:columbus crew, csi:miami, cuddles, daffodils, deatheaters, deutsch, djarum blacks, dougal, dresden dolls, dropkick murphies, drunkeness, dying my hair, eastenders, eddie izzard, embroidery, english pubs, faeries, family guy, fandom, father ted, fish and chips, flogging molly, football, footballers wive$, francais, frank mccourt, fred fredburger, friesians, futurama, gary neville, gel pens, georgian england, gnomes, god as james mason, green day, guiseppe rossi, harry potter books, horatio caine ftw, horses, how-clean-is-your-house?, ireland, irish boys, irish pubs, irish rock, jane austen, jasmine and vanilla, johnny rotten, keeping up appearances, kids, killarney, kissing, knitting scarves, lemon fanta, les miserables, llamas, lord of the rings, louis garrel, love, manchester united, manic street preachers, marius, memories, mini cooper, minor charrie otps, mists of avalon, morrissey, mozart, muse, my chemical romance, new manson, notebooks, nutcrackers, old korn, old slipknot, outland nightclub, painting, paris, placebo, porn buddies, potc, prague, pubs, pureblood elite, quarantine nightclub, rent, role-playing, rping sex, ruins, shakespeare, sick boy, spongebob, strongbow, super mac's, swearing, tchaikovsky, tea, teachers, the casualties, the clash, the killers, the martial arts, the phenwick women, the sex pistols, the slugclub, the smiths, the-black-parade fucking hates glowsticks, thurles, too many legs, tool, tricorner hats, vanilla fantasy, velvet goldmine, venice, water, weasley super sperm, wien, wolfgang parker